April 11, 2009

The Dumbstruck
(after standing in line for 10 minutes) “Oh, uh, oh geez, I’m gonna need a minute here…”

The Paranoid Vegetarians

“Oh my god, excuse me, is the corner of that piece of cheese touching that bit of meat? Oh my god oh my god oh my god!!!”

The Loser Boyfriends
(on the phone) “Okay, what sort of bread did you want?  Parmesan Oregano?  Okay, could I get Parmesan Oregano?  Cheese?  Did you want cheese?  What type of cheese can I get you?”

The Perfectionists
“Okay just a bit more lettuce… no, not that much, can you take a bit off? Okay that’s good.  And could I get seven tomatoes instead of six?  Oh no no no, not that slice, I’ll take that other slice…”

The Ditherers
“I’ll take lettuce… and let’s see… a bit of… green peppers… and, oh, hmm… maybe some onion?  No, no, I don’t know…”

The Sandwich Rebels
“Could I get the vegetables on that first, and then the sauce, and then come back for the meat?  Oh, and I’ll have that double-toasted, not single-toasted…”

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